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Temporary Civil Service Job

Temporary Civil Service Job
Temporary Civil Service Job

Temporary Civil Service JobIf you are actively looking through the job market for some great career opportunities, then why not consider working for the US Department of State? There are actually thousands of jobs available for people who want to be a part in supporting the country’s foreign policy. There are a number of temporary civil service job positions that are always in need to fill in some special projects posts.

Both term appointments and temporary civil service job positions are neither permanent, thus such employees are not granted a civil service status. However, temporary civil service job positions are provided with benefits almost similar to that of permanent employees that include health insurances and within-grade salary increase.

Basically, most of the temporary civil service job positions are largely concentrated in six key areas such as Operations, Information Technology, Engineering and Security, Accounting and Finance, Analytical careers and Executive positions. To be able to find out the current civil service job vacancies, you can conveniently look up the website www.careers.state.gov/civilservice.com, where you are sure to find some listings of temporary civil service job positions available and an online application form. Contrary to some assumptions, applicants are not required to take written exams.

However, every employee is known to undergo some background checks and procure a security clearance in order to be considered eligible. Past cases of credit disputes, tax evasion, unsatisfactory records of past employment and any violations of the law can certainly affect the result of your application. Only citizens of the United States of America are eligible to apply for any civil service position, whether a temporary or permanent post. However, in some rare cases some agencies are permitted to hire foreign applicants only if there are no qualified citizen applicants.

Looking for that perfect job you want may take a couple of years or so. The best thing to do is to actually get a temporary job that will help you pay the bills, while you freely search for the right job that you will possibly want to stick with for the major part of your career.

What would be better than being an employee of the US government, albeit for just temporary purposes? A civil service job will provide you with the challenge that you crave and the fulfillment of knowing you are a part of a well-oiled organization. Although most people will opt to find an easier temporary job, most of it cannot give you the weight of experience and learning opportunity that you would naturally want to take advantage of.

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